2023? Completed it, mate.

Yeah, it was the final week of the working year. Don’t wanna spend too long writing this weeknote because I’ve got my annual reading list round-up to write. But it was a pretty good week.

Highlights included

  • final show & tell of the year
  • end-of-year retro and reflection
  • tying off some loose ends
  • Tom’s leaving drinks, and
  • updating the team playbook.

The end-of-year retro was a corker, perhaps the best I’ve been in for any team. We reflected on what we’d achieved this year and…it’s a lot! New components and patterns, a 2-day conference, a rearchitecting of GOV.‌UK Frontend, and the majority of the work to help services use the GOV.‌UK Design System to improve WCAG 2.2 compliance. Plus all the coaching and team development the team has done alongside that.

There were lots of reflections on the value of the coaching too. It’s great that the work will continue through our iterated ways of working.

Leaving drinks for Tom were excellent. Great chats had with Martin, Tim, Nick and Tom too. Ended with me, Tom and Nick going through our phones and sharing music we like. Wine recommendations too!

I also finished off a guide to our product operating model, including the roles and responsibilities each profession plays at different stages of the model. That was a really valuable session in the coaching earlier this year, so it was good to get it finalised and added to the playbook.

Another bonus: I passed my driving theory test.

But that’s it, that’s 2023 done work-wise. Time for a big relax.

Looking forward to lining up a new gig in the new year. Thank you to everyone who’s been in touch with opportunities.