The temperature has dropped, the heating’s on, and the season’s first roast is out of the way. (Pork belly with a cannellini bean and leek mash.) That wasn’t the only major event of last week though: Design System Day 2023 is done!

Design System Day took up focus for the majority of the week, but I did do some other things:

I didn’t track my tasks or set weekly goals last week, it wasn’t worth it.

Design System Day 2023

Pleased to say it all went to plan. People turned up, the speakers did a great job, the attendees had a good time, lots of conversation was generated, and everyone gave us feedback.

There are early signals through qualitative feedback that people feel the barriers to contributing to the design system or engaging in the community are lowered, which was one of the main goals. That’s super positive. Looking forward to going over the community strategy with Imran over the next couple of weeks.

We’re doing further feedback analysis to see what we could improve further, but that was a successful first in-person (and online!) conference delivered.


Delighted to say that I got a new personal best (PB) at the Shrewsbury half-marathon finishing in 1 hour 40 minutes and 56 seconds! That’s 56 seconds off my A goal of 1h40m and well over my B goal of 1h51m. Super happy.

I didn’t go for a run at all last week. Had planned on circling Arthur’s Seat on Tuesday morning but we had to be at Dynamic Earth, the conference venue, so early that I just couldn’t manage it. My sports watch is now telling me that I’m detraining.

I’ll get back out this week, but that was a successful season: my first marathon done and I a PB in the half.