Hello, I'm Steve, a product manager living in London, UK. I grew up in the Black Country where there used to be lots of factories and lots of smoke, the heart of the Industrial Revolution, where people talk different.

I currently work at NHS Digital on the Data Services team, using the nation's health data to drive research and transform services. Previously I was Head of Product at Claimer, a product making it effortless for startups to find and claim £millions in tax credits. Before that, I worked at Government Digital Service (GDS) on GOV.UK Pay, a payments platform, and www.gov.uk, the UK government's website. There's more about my work experience in my CV.

I'm passionate about innovation for the public good and open, ethical product design, thinking about how we can make public services more frictionless and better for people. Alongside that, I teach product management at General Assembly.

You'll mostly hear me yabbering on about: product management, user-centred design, leading agile teams, software development, sustainability, food, ancient history, human culture, and the technology-augmented anthropecene. Here's what I'm doing now.

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