Hello, I'm Steve, a product manager living in North Wales, UK. I grew up in the Black Country where there used to be lots of factories and lots of smoke, the heart of the Industrial Revolution, where people talk different.

I currently work at Government Digital Service (GDS), part of the Cabinet Office, on GOV.UK Pay, part of Government as a Platform. I previously worked on www.gov.uk, the UK government's website. I'm passionate about innovation for the public good and open, ethical product design, thinking about how we can make government more frictionless and better for people. Alongside that, I teach product management at General Assembly.

You'll mostly hear me yabbering on about: the World Wide Web (1.0, 2.0 & 3.0), privacy, product management, agile delivery, leadership, software development, sustainability, food, ancient history, human culture, and the technology-augmented anthropecene. Here's what I'm doing now.

Despite all that, I'm a relatively affable drinking partner and dinner guest. Shall we hang out?

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