The tram to Beckenham Junction is peeling off into the distance. The sign at the Harrington Road stop, where I’m stood, says I’ve got 17 minutes to wait, so I might as well note this little milestone.

I’ve been blogging on this website for five years now. Five years chatting breeze. A space to have thoughts, think out loud and develop my understanding. The breeze brings substance as it blows up little bits of dust and debris, which accumulate eventually.

‘A blog is your brain, over time, on the internet,’ says Giles. What makes it work is the active reflection. Having a conversation with myself to connect together the facts and feelings and concepts and ideas, which manifest as a text.

And, yeah, the text is out there. You can reach it and you can read it. That’s not the point explicitly: ‘a blog is here if you want it, but really (and sorry) I do this for me, not you’. Like Tobias says. But it is good when other people read it, when they reply and we can start to have a conversation.

So I’m not gonna add a comments section but I am going to invite conversations. (Look below for the link.)

Here’s to another five years chatting breeze.