In the Before Times, I’d go to Jam London religiously, every year. (Read my notes from the 2019 event.) And once or twice a month, I’d pop along to a product/tech/design meetup somewhere. Those events were always fun and often taught me something, or at least got my brain going.

A global event changed all that, but this year I’ve been adamant about bringing that energy back into my life. I organised two public sector product unconferences and there’s another on the horizon.

I’ve been signing up for other events too. This morning I booked tickets to a web design conference and I’m delighted to see that Ana may be doing a talk! We’ve popped up in each other’s WebMentions and bookmarks, so it’ll be fun to hear what she’s got to say rather than reading her words.

Anyway, here’s a list of all the things I’m going to this year. Drop me a line on Mastodon/Bluesky/Twitter if you’ll be at any of these, it’d be cool to say hi. And if there’s something I should be going to, let me know!


Date Event Location
12 January 2023 Product for the People Unconference 2023 #1 London, England
21 February 2023 International Design in Government call – working in the open Online
29 June 2023 Product for the People Unconference 2023 #2 Cardiff, Wales
10 and 11 October 2023 Design System Day 2023 Edinburgh, Scotland, and online
10 November 2023 ffconf 2023 Brighton, England
23 November 2023 Product for the People Unconference 2023 #3 Manchester, England