A few pieces I’ve written during NaBloPoMo 2020 have been fun to write. Others were more strained.

I’m not sure any of them made a good point. I’d like to improve my writing, and committing to writing weeknotes means I can often lose my steam.

Also, good writing starts with good reading, and my note-taking habits have changed recently.

By reducing the amount of things I write and publish, I should hopefully give more space for thoughts to percolate, develop and crystallise.

So I’m going dark.

See you later.

There is a clear overproduction of things (intangible and tangible) that have been created uncritically, unquestioningly, without needing to meet any type of standard other than existing. New output is produced everyday due to the accessibility of tools for creation… We have grown accustomed to shutting off our critical thinking faculties… Critical thinking in action by consumers and creators leads to output being respected and valued accurately, which pushes culture forward towards the infinite cultural mindset.1

  1. https://maekan.com/article/the-modern-creators-paradigm