Having a bad time with the old mental health, at the moment, so I’m going to stop reflecting on work for a bit. A better divide between work and me-as-a-person will hopefully give my mood more buoyancy.

  • Had fun with Data Club last Tuesday, and I really liked that Simon came along. The pub was rather loud but we were still able to have good conversations.
  • I finished reading Doggerland. A decent book. It’s about two men – referred to as ‘the Old Man’ and ‘the Boy’ throughout, except for two moments their names are mentioned – who live on a windfarm in the southern North Sea, in a sombre dystopia. They live off canned protein and fruit, fix wind turbines, and generally don’t like each other. The Old Man dredges up artefacts from Doggerland; the Boy obsesses over fixing things. It paints their aching boredom quite vividly.
  • At uni, I had to write 5,000 words (and the plot) of a novel, and Doggerland’s tone was similar to my book. I should dig out the manuscript.
  • Not yet done with reading stories set in the sea, I picked up Cove by Cynan Jones, finishing it in a couple of hours. Cracking little short story about a man pitting himself against pain, riding his instinct to stay alive. There’s a theme developing from the stories I’m reading…
  • Really enjoying GoJauntly at the moment. It was always good but has improved immensely since they added the map with footpaths and bridleways detailed. Means you can create and adapt walks easily. (I suspect it’s just a stepping stone towards becoming an OS map collector, though.) Here’s a walk I did between Llanbedrog and Abersoch beach.