These are brief notes, only the things of note, because I’ve not written anything in the last two weeks, but it’s useful to have stuff written down that I can refer back to. Grateful to buy back some brain space.

Work stuff

Working on strategy stuff has been great, and we made a decision on whether to partner with a service team on delivering a new payment type. In short: yes, but not now.

We mobbed on getting the accessibility work over the line ready for today. It went well but maybe we could organise things better in future.

There’s big changes at work and the shape of the organisation is shifting. They’re moving around the Duplo blocks. Meh. But an all-staff conference had some excellent, exciting stories put forward. Good product stuff, and considerations of what makes product work.

It feels like our team has a better flow now than we did a few months ago, which is ideal. I’m looking forward to exploring new value-generating opportunities for Pay next quarter.

Not-work stuff

I finished Couch to 5K! It’s bloody awesome, you should do it too.

And we’ve done 10 out of 24 sections of the London Loop, which I’m also proselytising about.

Last episode I asked ‘Is the second wave here?’ and I think we can safely say it is.

Anyway, we’ve been enjoying our final weeks in London, it has been quite indulgent.