For ages now, I’ve been meaning to prune the feeds I’m following in my RSS reader. After encountering an issue with NetNewsWire on iOS, as a result of having too many unreads, I’ve gone through and reduced the list of subscriptions from 324 to 265 blogs, magazines and other web curios.

That’s still a ton of subscriptions but not every one is that active. I keep an eye out for new items from a bunch of people and places, but the rest are worth it for interesting tidbits that pop up on occasion.

Some feeds I stole from Matt Webb, another set were stolen from Sidebar, and the rest I’ve added myself. It’s full of digital government people, folks from the user-centred design and product worlds, plus galaxy brains from economics, politics, design and law. There’s nee porn on it.

You can download my OPML file and plonk it in your feed reader to get an injection of new RSS feeds to follow.

One day soon I’ll add a blogroll page. But that’s it for now.