There’s a footnote from a blog post about writing that is right on the money about hype cycles in technology. This comes from iA Writer’s Writing with AI post. (It’s their apps I use to write this blog, they’re very good.)

Not every big thing is really big. Here are some of the topics we had been dealing with in the last 15 years: 3D-Printing, A/B-Testing, AI, AR/VR, Blockchain, Biometrics, Carbon-Neutral Design, Chatbots, Content Strategy, Design, Systems, Digital, Twins, Emotional Design, Emotional AI, Ethical Design, Gamification, Generative, Algorithms, Inclusive Design, Internet of Things, Machine Learning, Metaverse, Microcopy, Microinteractions, Minimalism, Mobile First, Motion UI, Neuromorphic Design, NFTs, Personalization, Privacy, Progressive Web Apps, Quantum Computing, Real-Time Collaboration, Responsive Design, Semantic Web, Serverless Architectures, Service Design, Sustainable Design, Voice UI, Web3, Zero UI, (non)Skeuomorphism…

How many of those have you worried about at work over the last 10 years? You can feel a weight being lifted just seeing them all written down.

And here’s the bit to keep you sane:

In every hype cycle someone will make big claims, cash in, and then try to jump on the next thing. If you’re serious, you need to examine new trends, test, and discuss them at length. Usually, you can let them pass. Being part of a big new trend can be tempting. But you need to show character to not be eaten by time.

The hype cycle is spinning ever faster, don’t forget that.