Last week we avoided using big numbers in a talk about the impact made by the GOV.‌UK Design System. As a product manager, I always want to chuck those numbers in because I believe they work, but a couple of people on the team want the work to speak for itself. They see those big numbers as a cold rendering of empathetic, user-centred work. So I held back.

Tom followed up with a comment on Slack that was really useful, as it helps articulate the value in using those big numbers.

One of the things I’m more cautious about as I get older is whether leaders have the brain space to make the leaps of imagination re. letting the work speak for itself. It’s one more bit of cognitive friction you’re asking of them, in among a super-stressful job. And the danger is that they just make it up.

I think this will make me more confident in pushing back to make sure we use big numbers (where appropriate) in future.