Another note about writing weeknotes. Sorry.

Taking notes at the right time is hard. For a while I was good at it, but that stopped happening and now I write weeknotes as a reflective practice. I don’t scribble notes throughout my working day.

And maybe I don’t have to.

Danny O’Brien wrote about his PC dying, and running open-source machine-learning models on his machine.

I can do things like record myself all day, and then convert everything I’ve said into text at bedtime.

This is something I need to try. Get everything I say in meetings written down for me, so I can summarise it and add it to my notebook. Then I can review the witterings while writing my weeknotes, cover what I’ve said and set some goals for next week.

I’m working mostly from my own machine when at home, it’s doable. I’ll try it and report back.