Back in December 2022, I became the product manager for the GOV.UK‌ Design System, providing maternity cover for the team’s excellent PM. I wasn’t a complete newbie to the design system as I’d used it as the baseline for design decisions when I was Head of Product at a startup.

I hadn’t thought much about what it might be like to manage a design system though. It was a mystery: would working as a product manager on a design system be like working on other products, platforms and services? I needed to read up and get prepared, and the articles and blog posts below were really helpful in my first few weeks on the team.

This is not a canonical list of what everyone new to managing design systems should read, it’s just a list of things that helped me. Hopefully you’ll find them useful, and let me know on Twitter, Mastodon or LinkedIn if there’s anything you recommend I read too!

These are presented in no particular order. Open all the links and get reading!