Things I started

After last week’s 1-to-1s with the team, having walked through the roadmap, and having got my head into the Digital Service Platforms early thoughts on strategy for the next year, I started getting my head into a strategy for the GOV.UK Design System.

It’s notes in a doc at the moment, rough shapes that need working on with the team before pointing the ship in that direction.

I also learned about how we use GitHub Projects to work on components and patterns for the design system…which was on my mind from my work at NHS Digital. We’ve got a blog-a-thon in early January and I’m encouraging our delivery manager to write a blog post on it, for others to learn from.

Things I shuffled along

I’ve not had chance to add much value yet, had a good talk with our delivery manager and community manager about learning & development, and how I can help.

Other than that, I offered some thoughts on how we might scope the work on the upcoming components and patterns. I also added a note to the discussion about autocomplete, so that I remember to suggest we speak to Andy on GOV.UK.

Some puzzles

Nothing this week.

Other things

Had a great day in the office with the team yesterday. We hung out, we chatted, we ate cake and lunch, and played a board game in the evening. Top team.

I’m signing off for the winter break with a long reading list. I need to prioritise what I read otherwise I’ll not be focusing on the right things.