Things I shuffled along

After 8 weeks, we’ve concluded our discovery into which payment options to support next, which meant the majority of the week was spent writing up slides, reviewing the narrative, editing the slide deck and doing practice run-throughs. On Thursday, we presented our findings to the rest of the Pay team and were joined by GDS’s new CEO, Tom Read, too. And we did the most important part of any discovery: announced our decision for what to do next.

I’m not going to cover what we’ve decided to do here as that will come out through official channels and our updated roadmap, but I’m proud of the work the team did and I think our findings will stand up well to scrutiny.

Our user researcher is heading off to another programme and we’ll be onboarding a new user researcher, which gives us an opportunity to go over our interview scripts again and pull out more detail where it’s useful. A point was raised in our retro that our analysis was rather quick – which it was – but largely I’m pleased with the direction we’re heading in.

More people will be joining our team for the alpha too, which means I’ve got some thinking to do about establishing team values, ways of working, checking in with folks, etc. I’m grateful that we’ve got a delivery manager joining us as I’ve been doing an OK-but-not-great job of that.

Things I started

Nothing. It was a week of tying off loose ends.

Some puzzles

We’ve got to move house which brings complications as my partner’s company haven’t decided their policies yet.

Other things

It was great to meet Will Myddelton finally and thank him for writing about how he works. It has been enormously helpful on a couple of occasions.

So grateful for this long weekend too. Really, really need it!

I hope you’re going out to find wild garlic, it’s one of my favourite things to forage.