Late getting these notes out so I’ll be brief! These notes cover 22–28 February 2021.

Things I shuffled along

Most of the week was spent in interviews with our partner services, continuing our discovery into payment options, which will help inform GOV.UK Pay’s strategy over the next couple of years. Currently the platform only offers one-off card payments and two channels, digital and telephone, but we know that services need more.

No conclusions yet but we’ve been deliberate about exploring the problem space and services’ motivations for particular options, trying to learn about the strategic objectives they need to meet as well as the operational objectives.

Personally, it’s helping me place GOV.UK Pay in the strategic landscape, to get an understanding of the market we serve.

Things I started

Two slide decks, one for our team show & tell and another for GDS’s open show & tell for Services Week 2021.

Some puzzles

Though I really wanted to create an atmosphere of collaboration, togetherness and figuring stuff out together during this discovery, it’s hard when everything is happening through video calls – and the analysis, the working together, happens a little later.

Other things

Had a lovely catch-up with Rox, our director, last week, and Richard to chat about making product teams’ work more transparent.

Also lovely to catch up with my mentee, Seun, who is doing so well after getting through coronavirus!

Great to have a sunny weekend in North Wales too 🌞