I’m in a liminal space with work at the moment. There’s a few new beginnings that are aligned but slightly out of phase. Waiting for one of those to start is a reason I haven’t spent time weeknoting recently.

We’re winding my team down to give more focus on two things: providing the migration with team a few more helpful developers, and starting a discovery in what payment type or channel GOV.UK Pay should offer next. There’s nothing useful to reflect on or document in my weeknotes about that winding down, really.

GDS is between leaders, and between periods filled with all the motivation, gusto and enthusiasm that comes with that too. GOV.UK has been working on its strategy for the last two years and done well enough to get a mention in the Spending Review. But that diminishes the pot of money available for other parts of the organisation, including Government-as-a-Platform, so new business cases and 3-year plans have to be drafted, along with the narrative needed to make those land. That said, I’m buoyed by the news that Tom Read is joining as CEO. I’m looking forward to a ‘refreshed focus’.

As my team is between states and GDS will be shifting perspective, so too am I between states. I’ve recently had my skills assessed which suggest I’m ready for a senior product position, but there’s no role to move in to – and recruitment is frozen. Other people have reached out to me to interview in their organisation, all excellent opportunities that I’d be silly not to take if offered. Either my next step is a step up at GDS or somewhere else.

So I’m really in a liminal space. Chugging along happily, yes, but unsure whether I’ll still be working in government in a few months’ time. I’m being cautious where I spend my effort, meaning weeknotes aren’t as valuable to me right now as they have been in the past.

This has been a good reflection to have though.

I needed that.