A quiet week, to be honest.

Good things

It felt as though we really gelled as a team again this week, like we’d scoped the mission well enough to actually start innovating on users’ pain points. That’s mostly thanks to Ned being new to the team and us explaining things to ourselves as we explained it all to him.

Dan gave a great talk at Citizen Beta 26 and I really enjoyed catching up with Trilly, Simon, Andy and Dan.

Learned things

Observed a service assessment, which always seems like a lesson in providing good critique, a.k.a. not shitting all over a team’s hard work.

Not-work things

  • Picked up Doggerland by Ben Smith, a Beckettian look at maintaining a rusting wind farm in the near future. It’s funny in parts and describes their boring lives in excruciating detail, which is a neat trick.
  • Failed to go to the Swamp81 night, just wasn’t feeling it.


Interdepartmental politics has never been my forte, but we do have great policy & engagement colleagues to help with that. Nevertheless, we’re currently blocked on proceeding before figuring out some politics. It’ll be good for cross-silo working in the long-run though.


An important meeting went very, very well.

Mine and Matt’s first product nerd lean coffee was enjoyable! We covered leadership vs management, kicking off missions, and future Product People meetups.