I was reading Tom’s latest weeknotes where he explains how he writes them.

In general I’ll write a list of key topics on Friday night – either in Notes on the phone, or maybe in wordpress if I’ve got the laptop to hand. But I simply don’t have the energy or perspective to try and synthesise anything meaningful from it all at that point. That generally comes out when I do the bulk of the writing – which is during Milo’s piano lesson, just before mine.

And the next bit is where I felt a strong surge of ‘Me too!’

Sometimes I realise I’ve got a lot more to say than I thought – or I spot there are bits of “thinking about thinking” that other people might find useful. Frameworks I realise I’m using, or implicit knowledge I can try to make more explicit.

There have been a couple of times recently where I sat down to write up what I did, thought about stopping after the initial list of bullet points, and then loads more poured out.

That’s the good thing about writing notes regularly. You start actively reflecting on what you did and your mind does its wonderful neuron-linking braindance and, hey presto!, new knowledge is created or new thoughts are born.