Over the years I’ve kept these silly ideas for apps and gadgets in a note on my phone.

Most of them are really silly, bordering on pointless. For a while that was a particular focus, pointlessness.

An app for recording how quickly your toenails grow.

An app that utilises AI to compute when your urine will start smelling of asparagus.

IoT-controlled wind chime, allowing you to turn it off when it’s annoying. It comes with a mini fan for when there’s no wind.

But there’s one I really want to build: Deliveroulette.

Enter your post code, a time to be fed and your budget, anything from £20 to £50. A bot will randomly select a restaurant, pick some things off the menu and place the order for you. A little while later the doorbell rings.

A surprise dinner!

It’s better than TimeHop for toenails, anyway.