Writing notes on a Monday is hard. Hoping to return to writing on a Saturday soon, although maybe I should try something more lean. I’m going to add a section that’s not about work, anyway.

This week’s mantra was ‘Be stubborn on the vision but flexible on the details’.

Good things

We reviewed some more evidence, threw together some ideas, drew up a hypothesis framework, and then tried a Value–Effort map to sort the ideas based on which might provide the highest return-on-investment in terms of learning. Conversations around the ideas taught us that we didn’t know enough about users’ pain points, so we’re going to collect more evidence first.

We chatted with Data Labs to see where our teams could hook up, and there’s plenty of opportunity to learn from each other – which is great!

We welcomed Ned to the team as our new user researcher, since Lisa is heading back to Amsterdam. Really glad to have him join!

An evening out with Adam and Trilly was great.

Matt and I suggested some improvements to Jon & Arfah’s great ‘Introduction to Product Management’ slides.

Learned things

I’ve been thinking about management vs. leadership a fair bit, and there were a couple of moments in the week when that clicked.

Not-work things

  • Bass, Mids, Tops by Joe Muggs arrived.
  • Finished reading Infinite Detail and fuck me, it’s so good. Great characters and development. Incredibly visceral. Decent plot. Evocative setting. The chapter about record shops and soundsystems and dubstep made me miss my bus stop. BUY IT.
  • Roots, Reggae and Rebellion is a really good podcast if, like me, you can’t remember your lessons in Rastafarianism fron year 6. My mind drew parallels between Rasta thinking and circular systems, but I haven’t done any proper analysis on that.
  • Anyway, the show made a good point about the decriminalised cannabis markets (in the USA, Netherlands, Canada, etc.) being propped up on the Jamaican subculture and not making any contribution back.
  • Since a few friends enjoyed the annual discoveries playlist, I’ve started a monthly one too.
  • Went for lunch at Terroirs on Saturday. Still banging. Winter tomatoes are decent, eh.
  • Alex said that my website doesn’t work with JavaScript turned off, which means I’m probably going to have to make my own Jekyll theme.


Juggling two teams while being pulled in a few directions and contributing to slide decks for government folk.

There’s still more effort needed in finding the right scope for team, the right goals to help us learn. (But if I’m honest, I do think we made progress on that this week.)


Our learning & development budget is signed off by senior management and I’d been thinking about going on a course to learn more about strategy and leadership. Our Head of Product, Leanne, said she’d support any requests I made!

Matt agreed to meet and nerd out over product management every Friday! We’re going to do a lean coffee, choosing subjects to chat about that we might have been thinking about or dealing with recently.

Felt closer to my practice this week!